About IACM

What is IACM

The International Association of Catholic Missiologists exists for the purpose of promoting and encouraging effective collaboration in missiological research, formation and publication on the part of Catholic Missiologists of all continents. About 300 Missiologists are members of the Association, with over 100 from Latin America, close to 100 from Europe, and the rest from other continents, principally Africa and Asia (and there are only a few from North America and Oceania). The great objective of the Association is to place Missiology at the service of the evangelizing mission of the local Churches.

For more detailed information about the development of IACM see:

Vellguth, Klaus, Re-reading Mission in the Age of Interculturality (IACM), in Annales Missiologici Posnanienses 23 (2018), 210-224.